VR Preview Pixelated

Hi - I’m a beginner, so any help is very much appreciated… I’m having the following issue:
Using the basic VR template (new project without any modification) if I play with VR Preview, the headset image and desktop image of the scene is very pixelated.
Are there settings or instructions on how to ensure the VR Preview is optimized?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Oculus Rift
Windows 10
AMD R51600
RX 580 8GB
ASRock AB 350 Gaming-ITX/ac

make sure if your using 4.19+ that you set r.screenpercentage to 100

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried setting r.screenpercentage to 100 and 225 (suggested in a separate thread with related display issues). Neither worked. Any other ideas?

I’d suggest setting your render to the forward render, and setting your anti-aliasing to MSAA.
These are common settings for VR. Another thing you could try is vr.PixelDensity. However, this command was depreciated after 4.19 and replaced with r.screenpercentage

Thanks again for the suggestions. I tried both setting the forward render and the anti-aliasing to MSAA and still getting pixelated results. I included a screenshot that may help diagnose the problem. I will look at vr.PixelDensity too.

FIXED! Thank you. I went back and double checked my MSAA settings and that did it!
Awesome. Thank for your help!