VR Preview not working/lagging/crashing

Hello guys. I am just starting a project for VR and have stumbled across severe technical difficulties as I have literally just started to learn UE 5.

There are two parts to my problem. My first problem is upon creating a project with VR Template, I ran the VR Preview, the HMD (Pimax 8kX) goes to the blank SteamVR Grid screen and displays nothing after that and I have no idea how to make anything display. The 3DOF of the headset works with the game window open, it’s just that the screen is not displaying the actual content.

My second problem is if I create a blank project (scalable quality preset), then the VR preview works. BUT, upon EXITING the preview, everything starts to lag and become unresponsive. If I change the blank project to (maximum quality preset) then UE 5 just crashes immediately after exiting the VR preview with the error (requested texture2d x size too large: 21152, Max: 16384). And I also have noticed every time after exiting VR Preview (with a blank project, not VR template) my GPU (RTX 3080) is at 100% usage even with SteamVR closed (this is causing the lag and crashes I’m guessing?), with just the editor open.

If anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong then that is greatly appreciated.


Try disabling SteamVR, or uninstalling it completely. This worked for me recently after struggling to diagnose the issue.

I’m running into this also. It happens after I run my first PIE session. Did you solve it?