VR preview greyed out overnight (new SteamVR release perhaps), URGENT HELP!!

SteamVR released a motion smoothing performance update, and since we updated to that, VR preview is greyed out in Unreal Editor. This happened overnight. Yesterday fine, today, update and no go.

In the output log, we can see the following:

LogHMD: Failed to initialize OpenVR with code 112

But I have no idea if that was there before yesterday, since we never searched the log for VR before…


Ok, so the problem is Valve’s SteamVR 1.2.7 update, which if you read Steam comments, many people are also having the same issue.

Nobody here is effected by the 1.2.7 update? Or is everyone forcing Steam into offline mode (like we actually do as well, but I wanted the optimizations from this update… big mistake).

I had this same issue with the 1.2.7 update and it was driving me crazy. I finally resolved it by editing the openvrpaths.vrpath file, as described at this link (refers to Unity, but it worked for me in Unreal as well):

Seems like it has issues with steam installs in non-default places. I corrected the “config” path, the “log” path, and deleted a second, incorrect, SteamVR path for “runtime”.

That was it, thank you very much!