VR Preview Disabled ?

Hello all.

I want to enable the “VR Preview” stereo camera in the gameplay but it seems to be disabled and greyed out. I have UE4.10.2. We’re using a Samsung phone with TrinusVR which can read the screen. So I only need to enable the VR Preview and turn the default camera into the stero oculus cam.

How can I enable it ?

Anyone knows this ?

Hi there, if I’m correct, atm the VR Preview only available with the Oculus Rift.

For Gear VR i believe you have to package your project out to android to test it. I’m not aware of testing the gear on PC. If you want to force stereo for rift on PC. You can go into the level blueprint. EventBeginPlay-> Execute Console Command “stereo on” that should force stereo when you open a standalone game.

i was watching the official UE4 channel on Youtube, the Gear VR episode (Up & Running with Gear VR | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube) and he stated that the only way to test your dev is to push to the android device. I have been doing this for a while now, it is not the best workflow.

It’s horrible actually… the connector on my S6 or usb cable is wearing out, because of the constant in and out plugging to test things… windows and adb often lose the connection mid-transfer, or i don’t get a connection at all…

I tried the blueprint trick but it doesn’t force stereo cameras.