VR Portals - SceneCaptureComponent2D Broken in HMD

Hi all,
I followed [this tutorial][1] to make a “seemless portal”. It works VERY well in the FPS template and on my desktop. However, when I play in the VR Window in my Vive headset it is very broken and does not look good. I am aiming at making this “seemless portal” work in VR (specificially the Vive). I attempted to do a duel material with a StereoPassIndex to Lerp the two for each eye, that helps slightly but it is still blurry and the portal view does not accurately move to the player HMD. I have attached screenshots of my work. What steps or other approaches should I focus on / look at? I have no idea where to go from here and am stuck. Let me know if any information would help.


did you ever solve this?