VR player capsules for holster and hat wearing system

[epic intro and backstory to the “game” thing I am creating].

I want to create a holster style system for my VR game, with a slot for 1 of 4 specific items that can only go on the left and the same for the right, and a selection of helmets. That will be placed on your belt (or where your belt should be) and your head (just about being visible).

After some tutorial hunting, I found a system that should do the holster part. But everything falls apart when it comes to the part I need to set up before that—a player capsule for it to connect to.

If I have this correct, I believe I need to connect the holster nodes on the player capsule. My experience so far has just resulted in me breaking the systems that have been working perfectly fine. The tutorials I have found a seam to be about adding locomotion to the pawn, which is not what I want and most seem to break that function.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction to get this working either by relevant tutorial links or instructions. I have been trying to work this one out for a few weeks now in between working on other parts of the game.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Im curious about the same thing. I tried attaching the holsters to the HMD camera through a spring arm that only inherits the Roll from the HMD camera. This works to an extent, however it falls apart when the camera HMD gets rolled, the holsters rotate along the Z axis.