VR Player cannot look around in Shipping Build Standalone Executable

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

When my group deployed our game, we did not expect VR to NOT work in the same way as it does when running our game from the editor.

We did a bit of research, and found several suggested solutions, in the form of additional commands such as -hmd enable and -stereo on, and even one that suggested adding a shortcut to the executable with the -vr flag appended to the target.

Out of all of these, -stereo on was the one that worked. However, when using VR with the executable, the Player cannot look around. It is as though the player is not using VR at all, and just holding the screen in front of his eyes as he turns to look around. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Okay. Our issue was resolved upon upgrading the project to use a newer UE variant.