VR Pickup Object and Hold while letting go of triggers

Help Hi I have been experimenting with VR in UE4 and I want to make it so you pickup most objects like normal with holding the triggers to pick up or release, however I need a certain object stay in the hands and not be effected by the triggers being released or pressed again, how is this possible? Many thanks :slight_smile:

you need to snap the object into the controller…attach to

If you look at the standard VR template, the trigger buttons are associated to a Grab action when pressed and to a Drop action when released. Those actions are ultimately handled inside the pickup objects via an Interface. To have a mixed behavior, with objects which sticks to the hand even if the trigger is released but are dropped if the trigger is pressed again, you need to duplicate the Pickupcube BP and change the logic in it. For example, use a FlipFlop or a Boolean with Branch on the Pickup event to handle both the pickup and the drop case.