VR physics body like boneworks possible?

Hi, all around the internet I can only find examples of physical acting VR bodies in unity made games or projects. Is this impossible to achieve in the unreal engine? Are there any tutorials? I have been running into issues in all work arounds I tried (physics handle, physical animation,…).

Thanks for the answers.

Have a look at Mordentral’s YouTube channel for his VRExpansion plugin. M72TheLaw - YouTube
The website for the plugin is here:

@IslandPlaya I had a look at the VRExpansion plugin and there are quite good implementations but haven’t seen a physical acting full body until now.

Yep, it doesn’t have an example of exactly what you want but it’s the best place to start maybe. I like to mention it in case people aren’t aware of it. It’s proven very useful for VR dev over the years.

I found the agame which is similar to my idea. Hellspit Arena, is there any tutorial on how this game works?