VR Pawn Collision

Good Afternoon,

I’m struggling to get collision with static meshes to work with a vr pawn character. I’ve got a completely rigged IK pawn character with everything parented with the ‘VR Origin’; However, If I make the collision capsule a child to the VR Origin it does not work, and using another means (VRExample Plugin etc) or the Capsule as a parent, the IK rig doesn’t work.

Has anyone found a decent tutorial for VR Collision with a pawn?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I have the same problem. I have an enemy blueprint working greatly before VR. After VR, When I attach a capsule collider to the VR pawn character, enemy character shoot the VR pawn few meters beyond. I try everything but I didnt understand. Maybe the origin position is headset position this may be solution but I didnt try it yet.

The VR origin doesn’t move with the HMD. It’s the center of your play area.

You’ll have to refactor the default pawn into a Character or add your own collision component and make it follow the camera. Don’t simply make it a child because you don’t want it to follow your head’s pitch and roll.

If you want to add “artificial” locomotion to your pawn with any pawn movement component, it seems you also need to have the collision component as the root for it to work.

Just for everyone’s information, after days of playing around updating via tick etc with the pawn I was using, it was easier (for now and testing purposes) to go with the vr expansion plugin and adapt off that. Later i’ll delve into my own code and see what i can do.