VR Pawn can't spawn due to "Bad size"

Due to the fact of putting the eye height to 0 as seen in the docs, and the player start half into the ground, my player can never spawn because it collides with geometry.

This can be fixed by upping camera eye height, or upping the player start, but then the player will float, which is not the intended behavior.

How can we make the player spawn properly in VR?

The same question to me.Please help.

read this. base eye height recommendation is 160cm. I dont know where you saw it say 0 but that is wrong as you have seen. Follow this guide.

There are two different docs. One says 160cm, the getting started tutorial says 0. I tried both, the truth is, it doesn’t matter because the Vive changes the eye height by itself.

But it’s made so that the eye height is your real height if your player start is placed at 0, which makes it collide with geometry.

Temporary fix I found, but I hope someone has a real fix or knows anything about that:

I set the scale of the player start very low (0.1. I tried 0.01 but then my chaperone bounds were moving around for some reason) and put it as close to the floor as I could.

It’s still a bit off (10cm higher than the ground) but it does the job for now.

Look at the answer I posted for a temporary fix

What kind of VR environment are you making that sets the player so low to the ground? Generally if the environment doesn’t feel right through perspective it will cause motion sickness eventually.

No the Vive sets the camera height itself, as its specified in the getting started tutorial, your player controller needs to be just above the ground (1cm above it in the tutorial) so that you are at your actual height.

Problem is, if you set the player controller at 1cm above ground, you’ll get the bad size error and the player just won’t spawn. And if you put the controller above the ground, well you’d be flying 100cm from the ground which is bad.

Hmm. I used occulus on my last VR. I hope someone with a vive will see this and help you further. Perhaps you should close this out and start a new thread specifying that you are using a vive. That could help you get the answer you need

I found the solution: you need to force BOTH the player start actor and the VRPawn to spawn ignoring collisions and set the player start height to be half in the floor as shown in the VR template. I hope this helps someone!

I did this but it still sends my player to the corner of the map and shows a bad size icon on my player start.

edit: I was trying to copy the vr demo’s vrpawn and I set the default pawn to nothing. I set it to my vrpawn and set both vr pawn and start actor to always spawn and it works!