VR Pawn- Body rotation

Hi folks, I’m building a short VR experience that should allow players to look down and see their own body. It’s not a complicated body, just a floating object kind of like what you’d have in Rec Room. Problem is when I make the body a child of the camera/HMD and I look down, the body rotates too so it’s impossible to ever see. I fixed this by setting the transformation on the body to absolute, but then the body doesn’t rotate when the player turns sideways/around. How can choose which axis’s are affected by the parent, or what are some other solutions?

Thanks, Nick

I just published a YouTube tutorial showing how to get yourself a full VR body with arm IK and thumbstick locomotion. Maybe it can help you spot what is wrong with your setup. Or at least you have a starting point.


@vr_marco Absolutely wonderful! Tried to do this last week myself but had no idea how to manipulate the hand animations so dropped the idea. Thanks a lot!