VR Pause Menu (3D UMG)

So I have a 3D UMG Menu in a VR game. I am currently using a Widget interaction component on each of my wands to interact with a menu widget that I spawn when I want to pause the game. I use a ‘trigger pull’ to interact with the buttons.

So far so good.

The problem is once I call “Set Game Paused”, the menu widget no longer responds to the widget interaction component.

  1. The widget interaction components are still updating. I can see them move around
  2. The ‘trigger pulls’ from my wand are still getting called, (tho the target menu is not updated)
  3. The pause menu BP Actor has ‘Tick Even when Paused’ checked

Is there any way to get this work?

Apparently, you cant. its a bug in 4.15

You can hack in a workaround by setting global time dilation. Its crappy but it works.

UPDATE – SetGlobalTimeDilation can have really messed up effects with physics objects. So this is not a great solution either. Yay.

The use of time dilation is sadly not good either. I tried this in 4.18 and everytime i do that, after some 5-10 secs… depending on how long i “pause” i get tons of lag. Seems like a bunch of events still get queued up and the engine tries to catch up or something.

EDIT1: On beginplay in your BP_Menu or whatever you call it, i just found that you can actually set this:


EDIT2: There are also issues with this and 3dWidgets anyway. Sometimes i can’t click things, seemly randomly, and sometimes i can. Also if i change WorldToMeters scale from the default 100 to say 150, the floor will get offset and not adjust, even after resuming play. Im uploading a repro project on a seperate bug report and will link it here for reference.

Here’s my related issue and a repro project

I have the same problem, and until now seems no one have a solution.

UE4 is a really powerful gift, but sometimes it is just extremely ridicolous.

Still no solution or even an answer from epic team?
Did you guys found a workaround? can’t believe we can’t make a simple pause menu for VR with UE4 and we are in 2019 and .