VR Packaged Build for HTC VIve Freezes

I’m facing an issue where my packaged build randomly freezes with no crash report or logs. I’m developing for the HTC Vive and the build freezes while running standalone and networked. There seems to be no pattern or trigger for when the build freezes. The process doesn’t die and task manager shows that the process has increased activity (normally takes 10-13% CPU and on freezing takes >16%). The user goes into the Vive home screen (“This is real” page) when the build freezes.

Sometime the build freezes within a min of the game starting and sometimes after 15 mins and sometimes doesn’t freeze even after letting it run for an hour. Its very hard to reproduce the issue and I’ve tried starting from a clean project, error still persists.

The error didn’t exist while building in 4.12.3 but cropped up sometime after shifting to 4.12.5 so I’m likely to think it has something to do with the latest release.

Tech Specs:

  1. Both PCs running Windows 10
  2. 1st PC GTX 1080 and 2nd PC GTX 970 (packaging or hosting on either PC has the same issue)
  3. All drivers are up to date
  4. Steam VR is up to date (not using Beta)
  5. VIve firmware is up to date

If there is any more information required to solve the issue, let me know.


Someone please help?


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As far as your issue goes, please zip up the project. upload it to Dropbox, and provide me with a link through PM on the forums so I can investigate the issue. Without the project, it would be very difficult to potentially figure out why it is freezing.



I am marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes, as we have not heard from you in a few days. If this issue persists, feel free to respond to this thread. For any new issues, please create a new Answerhub topic.

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Hello Sean, I’m running into a slightly different issue building for the Vive, preview works fine, build is even successful, but on launch I see the camera is born on the ground, while my HMD is on my desk (SteamVR shows all solid green and Ready). I only see video of the ground view on my monitor, nothing coming through HMD for video (see the standard grey screen, responds to looking around), but I can hear audio from the game. The video from the game isn’t coming into the Vive, and the position of the Vive isn’t reflected in what I see on the monitor. I’ve zipped a build and uploaded to G-Drive, gladly share a link with you. May I and how would I private message you the link, not seeing how to do that here. Thank you!