VR Only works in VR Preview [Solved]


I am having an issue with getting VR (HTC VIVE) to work in packaged build. Strangely, it works perfectly only in VR Preview. In other launches, such as packaged built, it simply does nothing. The HMD or the controller do not work.

I have a VR configuration and I have tried the usual tricks; “stereo on” console command, ‘Enable HMD’ BP command and ‘Start in VR’ under project configuration with zero luck.

Help is much appreciated!

EDIT: This issue also persists with Unreal default BP VR template! Only VR preview works, but in packaged version, the game simply does not work, it only display camera without any other action.

Hey, I am not sure if this helps but have you set up the game mode properly? Or are you overriding the player pawn in the world settings when in preview?

Hi BreakMaker, I believe I have set gamemode correctly. What is more puzzling, this occurs also with the Unreal BP default VR set; Play > VR Preview works fine but packaged versions or Standalone Game do not. Has anyone else had such issues?

Answer: Enable ‘Start in VR’ in project settings, add console command ‘Stereo On’ and ‘Enable HMD’. These (together or just one specific of them) enables functionality in Packaged Version, albeit its bit down to luck how SteamVR decides to work. The issue originally seemed to have been with SteamVR which I erroneously interpreted as problem with packaging.