VR Oculus - How to use the "on head" sensor ?

Hello !

Is there a way to detect if the Oculus is active a.k.a. when the sensor detects someone is wearing it ?
Right now my application pauses when I take off the Oculus. I want to instead reset the level when this is happening.

I’m looking for a blueprint solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, hey,
Currently no blueprint solution (sort of) at the moment I believe you’ll need to add in some engine changes, (can’t make a c++ plugin to get access to the oculus service so adding to custom functionality to the engines the only way)

Anyway, I’ve added the functionality to my fork of the engine, so you can follow the instructions there and compile that engine version then use it with your project.

For more info see this post

Oh and P.S. try searching before posting next time, that other proximity sensor thread was still on the second page :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, thanks for the quick response, sorry about that. Search didn’t show me your post, probably because I didn’t know what to call that sensor :slight_smile:
I’m getting a 404 on that github page sadly!

Ah k, fair enough
You need to be signed in to gitHub and have access to the Unreal Engine gitHub page to view the link. Just have a look at the documentation about setting up your gitHub with unreal

Edit: just realized the the forum link in my original post was to my gitHub and not the forum,. Fixed that now so check that thread for more information