VR movement on curved surface

Hi all, about to embark on building a new VR project/game that at some points will require the user to defy gravity and essentially walk along an extreme-ish curved surface.

Imagine walking along the inside of a giant doughnut or ring that is about 10m wide and 30m diameter until you are upside down (but relatively everything on the ring will be stay the right way up for the player)

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with how to handle locomotion successfully here. I want to make sure that the players up/Z direction is always pointing towards what would be the center of the ring shape with both teleport and smooth locomotion.

I feel like rotating the ring around the player may be one answer but not sure if this is the best way and may feel weird. Or would allowing the player to actually just walk/teleport around the inside of the ring work better?. Any suggestions?