VR movement and collsion disagreement

OK so the problem i am having is integrating collision along with movement in my VR game. By themselves they work, however when I put them together they do not work with each other. First lets go over the movement. Everything movement wise goes through the “Check VR Movement” once your in the “Check VR Movement” It checks what controllers are active then gets the distance they have traveled and in what direction then applies that movement to the player pawn. That is under “Add Player Movement” then it resets everything to go again. In this way the character moves when he holds down the shoulder buttons on the vive controller and swigs his arms back and forth like he was running. Then comes the collision since a player pawn doesn’t have collision what the solution was is to add a capsule collision to the pawn have that simulate physics then attach that so it follows the players head. and that is done through “Capsule Tracking” and “Capsule move actor” so I have all of this plugged in and what happens is the capsule does its job perfectly however i can no longer move my player using my movement system. if in “Capsule Movement” i cut of the “Event tick Update Actor Position” then i gain the ability to walk again however the player is too high in the air and the capsule does not follow me don’t know if that helps but is something i have noticed. So in conclusion i think the problem is that the capsule BP are over riding the movement BP I need to keep the movement the way it is with the arm swiging however if i need to integrate collision another way i am open to suggestions…


Never mind i figured it out it was something wrong with with the add player movement node.