VR Motion Controller with Child Actor Component

I am attempting to add a Child Actor Component as a child object to my left VR Motion Controller component. I am doing this in order to put all the models and complex display behavior in a separate component, and then adding it to my character.

However when I attempt to add the Child Actor Component to the VR Motion Controller component, nothing is displayed where the controller should be. If I remove the Child Actor Component and replace it with a simple Cone StaticMeshComponent, the cone displays and moves where the vr controller moves. But if I add the Child Actor Component back (with the cone still in place) the cone no longer displays.

I would like to know why this is happening and what I can do to resolve it. But if anyone has any suggestions on how to modularize the logic/physics/graphics components for the VR Motion Controllers (so I dont have to add 4 components per motion controller), that would be very helpful!

Nevermind, the Child Actor Component with the cone was there after all. It was just simulating physics and clipping through the platform and disappearing from the world.

Please disable gravity and physics interactions (unless you want your controller to interact with physics objects) from all objects attached to your vr motion controller if you want them to display where your vr motion controller is.