VR Motion Controller Setup for Vive

Hi All,

I am lost and could use some expert advice, which I am sure will take you guys a couple of seconds:

I can not get the motion controllers of the vive set up properly. I followed this document:

but in the end I do not see the cones that should be my hands, nor can I spawn the sphere. It’s like the controllers have got no effect at all. In fact, the testing option that the documentation suggests (also create a keyboard input to trigger the spawn / destroy actions) has also got no effect.
But when I take the related nodes that are supposed to be in the event graph of the VR_Pawn blueprint and put them into the level blueprint, I can spawn and destroy the sphere as expected, but I also do not see the cones.

What am I doing wrong, how do I get to see the motion controllers in the VR preview??

I am trying this on UE4.11.2

I hope this is enough information to find a solution, but please let me know if I should supply any other info.

Thanks for now

The cones are just a visual cue to show you that the MC are working. If you would like to see the cones or any mesh for that matter, all you need to do is parent a Static Mesh component to the MC component for the left and right hands.

Hi Sam,

thanks for the fast response.

I thought I had done just that, but for some reason the cones were not visible at that time.

I have since played around with some other things and in that process I have set up new VR_Pawn blueprints, added MC components with meshes assigned to them and that has worked, I could see those meshes, so I am happy.

Whatever it was that prevented me from seeing any mesh before I do not know, so in case anyone else has experienced the same I am unfortunately not able to give a solution.

Anyways, thanks again and until next time.

I’m having the same issue. Have provided more detail in my own thread.

Any help would be much appreciated.