VR Monitor bad resolution since 416

I’ve noticed this since 4.16, maybe even 4.15.

When playing in VR, the resolution that displays on the PC monitor is super zoomed in and looks like ■■■■. If I want to take videos with Shadowplay, it looks terrible. Looks fine in the Vive though.

How to set the monitor display resolution?


I noticed this in 4.17, when VR mirroring modes for Vive were meant to be fully supported. They are now, but with that crappy resolution you mentioned. The old “hack” of changing some code lines in the source code does not work anymore as this code has been fully refactored.

So, I am really interested in a solution for this.


Thanks for posting this. I havent tried it yet but definitely will soon.

Tried setting this up but doesn’t seem to do anything.
I’m looking at your screenshot in the other thread.
I have my scene capture. I can see in the small preview its showing the screen perspective it should (from the last run).

From the nodes I matched that, but I don’t see anywhere where you assign the spectator viewport to the scene capture2d. So how would it ever know to display what the scenecapture is capturing to the monitor.

nvm, it works if you “set spectator screen texture”