VR Mode UI Scale Issues

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to incorporate VR Mode into a design workflow recently, but I feel like I spend more time fighting with it then I do using it!!

The biggest issue I have is the scale of the windows, in that a lot of my options seems to be getting cut off. The biggest floor / example I have is with the foliage tool, in that I’m actually unable select any of the foliage I wish to add into my scene as it gets cropped out at the bottom! I’ve tried making the window bigger using the scale bar at the bottom, adjusting the scale of the thumbnails, and trying to use the drag / reveal bar to give me more space, but nothing I try brings gives me any room to select. Does anyone have a solution into making this work, I feel all i need to do is be able to make the box bigger but keep the scale of the items!?