VR Mode not working with Samsung Odyssey headsets

I am trying to do VR editing however the VR mode option is grayed out, i have gotten VR preview to work without issue. I am wondering if it is the hardware that is not compatible with VR mode

Samsung Odyssey is WMR (Window Mixed Reality) device, same as Dell Visor, for example.
Unreal’s VR Mode is solidly developed for SteamVR devices, like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.
So to work in “vr mode”, you need to

  1. install and setup “steam vr” (SteamVR on Steam),
  2. install “wmr for steam vr” bridge (…y_for_SteamVR/)
  3. run SteamVR first, than UE.
    It will work, but i didn’t find it very useful.