VR Mode is screwed up with my Rift

Newbie question.

If I start a blank game project and try to view one simple model from the starter content in VR mode with the Rift CV1, it’s really screwed up and choppy. I can see the 3D Oculus Home Menu Screen /Controls and it states that Unreal Editor is loading, then Unreal VR is all over the place.

I can play other Oculus apps smoothly.

Any ideas?

I fixed the problem.

Engine Scalability Settings is set to Epic. Changing Resolution Scale from 100% to 99% fixes it in VR Mode and VR Preview.


The level kept crashing. I think it was due to having UE4 on my SSD that was almost full. The level was saved on my 1TB secondary HDD. I uninstalled UE4 and reinstalled it on the second drive. All the problems went away and I can run the level with Resolution Scale at 100%.