VR Mode - changing controller input to Oculus Touch

Hi all,

I have managed to get UE VR Mode working for an Oculus Quest set-up via Link. Everything is great except for the fact that the default Vive controller input doesn’t allow you to access all the required settings with Oculus touch controllers. I’m quite baffled at the lack of touch support using VR mode given how old it is now, but perhaps I am missing something?

Through the Editor preferences it looks like the VR Mode controller is handled by the VREditorInteractor C++ script. Ideally i’d want to set up a blueprint to replace this, but it is refusing to allow this method. Before I start editing this script, I was wondering if someone else had faced this problem before, and come up with a solution? Or perhaps i’m being stupid and there’s a very obvious solution i’m missing?

If you are on 4.24.3 then in Project Settings > Input you can map the buttons as needed. This is of course if I am reading your request correctly. There are mappings for all Oculus Touch buttons, including axis mappings.