VR Mirrored Screen Override when inactive

Hi, I have a rather specific question:

I have a finished Rift CV Application using the HMD Mirror Mode 4 and it is supposed to be used in an exhibition context.
Standard (and expected) behavior is that when noone is currently wearing the headset, the mirrored 1920x1080 image is black since it gets no signal.

Is there any way to override the mirrored image in case of no signal to for example show text to inform visitors that in order for this mirrored image to appear someone needs to wear the headset?

I hope my question is understandable, thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


You might want to look at the new spectator screen things in the 4.17 update. I believe you can set a texture on the screen using some functions ( You might want to setup a ‘VRNotificationsComponent’ somewhere in your project and hook-up to the ‘HMDPutOnHeadDelegate’ and ‘HMDRemovedFromHeadDelegate’ in order to work out when a user puts on and removes a headset.

I would assume assigning a function to the ‘HMDRemovedFromHeadDelegate’ and then setting the spectator texture to something that says ‘Put on the headset’ should work? Then removing that image when the user puts the headset on if you assign a function to ‘HMDPutOnHeadDelegate’.