VR meets point cloud and the weirdness that happens

Hey team,

I am currently working within UE4.26.1 and playing with a Virtual walkthrough of bush constructed from a point cloud that I have recorded with the Lecia BLK 360, for my Masters’s Thesis.
I have run into a bit of a pickle and was wondering if anyone knew the answer.

When I enter the VR space all my points decide to continually change scale and it becomes very distracting, as per the link below.

Does anyone know how to make the Points static so this issue does not occure?

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

How are you generating the point cloud?
I recently used the following plugin for a VR project and it worked fine:

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Thank you for the reply.

I was using the Lidar Point cloud support beta plugin.

Ill download 4.25 and try this plugin and let you know.


Turns out the plugin doesn’t need 4.25 zz

I have converted my .e57’s to .ply and followed their process of duplicating and re-naming the bunny and adding my file name instead.
However, it does not show.

I’ve tried the scales going from 0.000001 - 100000 and updating every time.
Still only shows the Dots of the Point cloud actor…

Did yours work fine? do you have any tips?

Mine worked fine, in - I believe - 4.25 and 4.26.
They have a level specifically for VR. Did you try that one?

I tried it on the HTC Vive, no idea about other headsets.

Did you copy it into the correct folder and/or assign the folder in the plugins preferences?

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yeah I’ve only got the vive…
(it’s a mission to get the Quest 2 working with UE atm)

I copied my .ply into the PLY folder and linked to it via the plugin but it doesn’t seem to like it…
I managed to import my Ipad scan of part of my site and that showed up in a perfect cylinder form haha
I have to play with the other PCD variances to see what suits best.

Thank you so much for the help!