VR low FPS in some "demos"

I just recived my HTC Vive and has previously had an Oculus DK2 to play around with.
However… I have had some problems getting a good framerate for both the DK2 and the Vive in some Unreal Engine content and thought that I should post my issues here since I might very well be missing something…
Today I tried running the Blueprint Learning demo using my Vive, however… the framerate was terrible (or somewhere between 40-60fps… I would like to have at least a solid 70fps to avoid any stuttering)… the strange thing is that I also ran the Showdown VR demo on the very same machine… and that was very smooth and at a really good framerate… so… basically my question is… might I be missing something?.. is there like an option that should be toggled?.. or is simply the showdown demo so extremly well omptimized for VR compared to the Blueprint Demo? I noticed that the stuttering/“lag” almost always showed up while looking at the tree in that demo… but I find it hard to be that performance demanding to render that tree compared to the Showdown scene…

any thoughts?

Hi,I also encountered the same problem,it confused me for many days,do you have the problem solved?

If you press “F5”, you can see the shader complexity which has a lot of influence on how much horsepower it takes to render a scene. If it looks mostly red or white, you’re probably going to have some rendering and framerate issues within VR.