vr locomotion

hi I just wanted to chat about locomotion in vr and a trend that bothers me. that trend being teleporting as movement. while I understand devs are using teleporting to avoid getting people sick but I feel like those of us who don’t r overlooked lately I been playing solely Doom 3 bfg vr mod . It’s the only vr shooter that gives me the feeling of excitement but it also makes me sad that a modder has given me what vr devs have not and still refuse to give it’s gamers and that is options of locomotion in game but it gives me hope that more modderrs will follow in his footstep and once devs see the excitement for these mods they finally start to make us great vr games

My game Spellbound uses a very different locomotion system. You swing your arms side to side to walk, and to run, you pull them into the jogging position and pump your arms. It works really well and I think it will become a lot more widely used in the future.

Onward uses the trackpad for locomotion, which seems to work.

Making a game not just for VR, but for the subset of VR users who do not suffer from motion sickness gives you a very small target audience.

That said, if you can include a “free movement” mode without breaking the game, by all means do!

The game I’m working on at the moment is going to have traditional stick locomotion. The only thing that I’m going to have (as an option) for those that suffer from simulation sickness is comfort turning. If developers continue to wrap gamers in cotton wool they won’t get their ‘VR legs’.

My game is going to be a survival horror game which isn’t going to be suited to a teleportation mechanic.

The best practice is to turn the locomotion options into “preferences”. Let users decide their preferred locomotion style and just give them options to choose from. Some users will get sick and will want to try different preferences. If they get sick and they can’t change their preferences to avoid sickness, they won’t play your game and all your effort is for nothing. They won’t see that final boss monster that you worked on for days because they won’t even get that far :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but there are lots of games that have non teleport locomotion.

In Steam do a search for vr titles and add fps as a “tag”
Lots of them will be non teleport locomotion…

Then wait a day, and buy them in the sale, show support if that is the sort of thing you want, and more will get made :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If you are actually talking about, good long single player games with multiple locomotion options, then that’s a differnt discussion :wink:

Unfortunately my game isn’t suited to a temptation mechanic, think Dreadhalls but set on a ship in deep space but with enemies that you can kill rather than ones you have to avoid or run away from. I’m going to have aliens popping out of vents, engineering panels and light fittings as the protagonist walks around the ship.

I was originally going to have it gamepad controlled but since I’ve got my Touch controllers I’m making a few minor design changes and going for Touch controls instead.

I’ll be having the game available for free so it’s not like I’m going to be losing any cash by forcing those that suffer from simulation sickness to suck it up lol

My plan is to have it finished before Halloween next year but I suffer from severe depression so it’s hard going sometimes, I often go weeks without being able to do anything so we’ll see how it goes I guess. I’m doing this as a hobby not as a living so it’s not as if I’m going to starve to death if I don’t get it finished lol

I’m at the early stages of things at the moment, just working on the models so far.

yea I guess i’m “talking about, good long single player games with multiple locomotion options” cause even tho I hate teleporting I don’t want a game to not offer it as and option too. guess all I want is options even if I will never use it it’s nice to know everyone gets to play as they wish to play