VR Lever (grab with hand)

Hi everyone,

I try to make a Lever for control my spaceship velocity with VR hand.


I have make a PhysicsConstraint, i think it’s important for linear and angular limitation.

I have try to make something with the BP_PickupCube Blueprint code. But no sucess.

I would like to ask help for this little Dev please.
This game action are available in the game “Star Wars Vader Immortal”. Open a door with a lever.

Can you help me with documentations or support ?

Thank you in advance

I try to make something but it’s not the good way

Another try, Yes but … No (u_u’)

Please, does anyone have a sample plan with a door handle? I have been trying for 2 days. It’s demotivating … = (

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Another try… No sucess

Blueprint link