VR Keyboard Simulation

Im working on something that incorporates in it’s gameplay the requirement for the player to type in commands to activate abilities, but a lot of people can’t touch type and have trouble when they can’t see the keyboard. Any ideas for making this easier other than just having a floating holo keyboard in game?

Cheers Chaps

Can’t think of anything, would need gloves and a virtual keyboard. I’d probably avoid requiring the player to type.

  • voice activate its hard/better way
  • Implement Mouse Gestures for activate abilities its another alternative and i think can be easy.
  • mouse menu, midle click (or other) and show abilities

Thanks Knack, i’d rather stay away from voice activation, I have considered an in game holographic menu projected from the player’s hand you can control with the scroll wheel, but the idea was to make the player feel like they are executing commands and running programs

commands typing text? uff