VR Keyboard overlay?

I am trying to get the oculus keyboard overlay to pop up when editing text, as I do not really want to make a keyboard widget, and it is to my understanding that the Oculus VR plugin had an option for it. But now since OpenXR is taking its place, that option isn’t there. Is there any easy way to implement a keyboard into the VR template of UE5.1?

Perhaps not the easy solution, but you can create a 2D UI keyboard with UMG canvas. Just squares and line it up like a keyboard with key inputs if the user points their finger where a key is.
This will give you the freedom to do your own styling.

Hi !
same problem here…
Did you find a way to show the oculus keyboard in your app?

I have not, guess I will have to create a UI Keyboard

if you use the Meta XR plugin (Meta XR Plugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) which replaces OculusVR plugin, you will be able to use the android native keyboard in your app when running the app on standalone Quest 2.
Hope it helps.

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