VR Installation PGA, Poznan, Poland

Dear community !

I’ve decided to share the project I’ve been working on exclusively for Poznan Game Arena, which happened late October in Poznan, Poland.

Some details about the project:

Development time: ~80 hours
Developers: 1 (yeah just me), although I’ve received creative and design input from my bosses
Used Arduino to control the Vents.
Hanging seats add alot of immersion when it comes to “flying” mechanics in VR

I might say that this is my very first commercial work. Still buggy, but fully playable. Obviously that VR experience was designed to be 3 mins long and had to be as noobfriendly and simple as it possibly could. Fun fact is that Mr. Amazing @Hourences checked out the game himself, or rather I went to get him to see it :stuck_out_tongue: Either way was a huge thing for me as a developer. Video down below is a compilation of Polish youtuber’s playing the game (seen these guys for the first time, but I was told they are famous :3)

Looking for any kind of feedback, as for what’s going to happen to the project, only time will tell as I haven’t discussed this topic with my boss’s yet.