VR HTC VIVE Packaging for windows - Fullscreen?

So… I’ve packaged my VR project for windows and everything works fine, it’s more of a question I have about what’s displayed on my screen, not the headset… When run the VR displays correctly in the headset but on the PC it will also display the game in fullscreen aswell? does this affect performance?? The same for a fullscreen mirror on SteamVR?

From experience does my main screen need to be Fullscreen, cause usually the larger the resolution - the worse it runs which seems to be the case here? I feel like the headset mirror also will affect FPS performance?

I do need to display the VR on screen for a presentation aswell as the headset but I feel like it isn’t necessary to have 2 running at once? i.e. fullscreen package and steam Vr headset mirror.

Anybody know anymore on this?

Hi ,

From what I understand it doesn’t make much of a difference performance wise ( possibly a little bit). If you’re using a Vive with steam VR running you could try disabling “Direct Display Mode” in steam VR settings in the developer tab. I’m not sure of a way to do it on Oculus.

Be careful with this as some people have mentioned that some games might not work after disabling it and it extends your desktop to the headset.

If you do try it and it works would you be able to let us know?

Hope this helps,