[VR] How to move the viewpoint of 6dof using quest2

I am trying to preview using Oculus Quest2.

The rotation of the HMD seems to correspond to the rotation of the camera in the game, but the camera doesn’t follow me when I move from place to place.
It is a so-called 6DoF movement.
Is it not possible to get the location of Quest2 in UE4?

If you know how to do 6DoF movement in VR play mode, please let me know.

The level I’m using is from the official sample, and is built with blueprints that allow you to move around using the controller.

There’s an option in the camera component’s Details panel called ‘Lock to HMD’, which you may have unchecked. I use a Q2 every day in my day job and the VR template (both old and new) works out-of-the-box with it. Have you tried in a fresh UE4 project? Is this happening in other apps/games?

I was checking the official files as advised and found that I was using ‘MotionControllerPawn’ by mistake.
So, I changed the player to ‘HMDLocomotionPawn’ and can walk around in virtual space!

Big thanks!

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@NamakinSkywalker 4.27 has a new VR Template that’s designed for room-scale VR, I recommend you check that template out instead!

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Thx! I’ll check it! :smiley: