VR - How to go about creating a step-by-step system for an instructional application?

Hi All!

As the title states, how do I go about creating a step-by-step system in Unreal Engine 4.21 (and versions beyond)?

To be more specific, I am working on an application which will require the user to follow specific steps as follows: “Step 1:” (example) - user follows step then “step 2:” and so on.

I have researched into this and have tried to find resources to try and assist with this but, I cannot seem to find much at all.

I would also like to know whether these sort of things require me to use Level blueprints or just normal blueprints (or both) to pull this off?

Also please understand that I am very new to blueprints and that I am working at a very basic level so please do keep it as specific and simple as/if possible, Thanks!

For some of our training, we create Enums and can be used basically as a state machine. I would do this in the GameMode so that it’s easily accessible from other blueprints. Try creating a master custom event called Next Step and pass the Enum(Enums are created in the Content Browser and states are easily added to it) through it and then do a “Switch on Enum - (Name of your Enum)” Now when you’re in your pawn, get your game mode and cast to your game mode and call your Next Step event and set the value of the state/enum while passing it through the event. In your game mode this will now fire and go through the correct exec pin. Make sure you manage when and where you are setting the Enum and make sure you’re always setting the Enum reference that is IN THE GAME MODE only, setting multiple references to different enums will not work properly. I suggest creating a variable of the enum in your game mode. Let me know if this helps and feel free to ask more specific questions.

Here is a quick example I set up

@imaekgames That is very useful information to know, I will be sure to research into it and try to apply this to what I am trying to achieve with my application. If I do find myself getting a bit stuck with it I hope you wouldn’t mind me tagging you here?

However, if I find that this answers my question I will be sure to mark your answer as the solution :slight_smile:

Yeah feel free to ask any time!

I appreciate that! :slight_smile:

Just a quick one, when doing this, which class of Blueprints would I pick for this method?
(Sorry I’m an absolute newbie to anything to do with blueprints)