VR height scale not working right

Engine ver: 4.26

Hey everyone, I’ve encounter some problem for my VR project. Here’s the scenario:
First map works fine, height scale is aligned with real world height.
Second map, height scale gets taller then real world that I need to squat down playing the game.
Third map, the height scale shrinks that makes my character looks small compare to 3D assets.

I have no idea why such problem occurs, I’ve nvr touch the IK setup mostly just use UE4 default settings. The only tweak I made is set auto possess player to player 0.

Has anyone encounter this before?

Engine ver: 4.26

Found the problem. Dont use 4.26, its broken for VR.

umm are u being sarcastic or what? i have never know 4.26’s VR is broken

Which HMD are you using? Ive tested 4.26 on multiple machines with a Rift S, Quest 2 and Reverb G2 and in each case I noticed these things (among others):

  • Translucent materials only appearing in one eye
  • Normal maps displaying incorrectly
  • Controller inputs not working or working incorrectly
  • General instability/low frame rate

This was shortly after 4.26 was released and I just went back to 4.25, which is stable and works excellently. Im not the only one, by the way; these issues and others were experienced fairly broadly and on a wide variety of configurations. If youre not seeing the same kind of issues, then that’s great! Maybe Epic went the extra mile and hotfixed 4.26 for VR :slight_smile:

My advice is the same: Try in a version thats more stable for VR and see if the problem goes away. Another cause may be collision issues between your camera and whatever capsule or other collision method you’re using in your player pawn. I wasn’t being sarcastic, apologies for the flippant response :slight_smile:

im using HTC VIVE. btw, i do agree the controller input not working as expected and translucent mats display incorrectly. but the eye height juz totally annoying ngl

Although I understand that change engine will be better, but due to my assets all are finished so I don’t think I can make it to the deadline if I have to remake the codes

Based on what you’ve said, it could be a change in player transform when spawning the pawn in each map. Just as a double-check, are you using player starts? Just make sure theyre positioned correctly in each map to confirm that that isnt the problem. Then double-check your spawning code when the map/gamemode loads the player (if this applies).

If youre getting consistent results in testing, like if youve transitioned between maps with your head at different heights and it seems to be the same each time, you could maybe select all your map assets and adjust their Z location lol

Could also manually add some nodes to adjust the player height depending on which map is loaded.

Not sure exactly whats happening without more info, sorry :confused:

Hi, im sorry i’ve been lost for a couple of days. First, I did not use Player Start in VR. Since I’ve place everything correctly then there shouldn’t be a problem that’s all. Should I put???

Next,I found a potential problem that might be the cause. My floor asset has 2 levels, high n low, I think the VR Pawn detects the higher level as floor default. Maybe bcoz of collision i dunno bcoz I believe the 3D asset itself has a collision. The image shows my ground asset.