VR height changed in 4.17.0-prev3?

Already posted this on the Bugreport but maybe someone here can check it already.

If you create a new blank VR-template project in 4.16.3 and compare your height ingame to a blank and new vrTemplate project in 4.17.0-prev 3, it looks like in 4.17.0-prev3 your eye height is quite a bit more low. Tested this with OculusRift in the MotionControllerMap. Anyone can conform this and/or maybe has a clue what wrong here?

Problem is the Get HMDDevice Name. It now returns OculusHMD instead of Oculus Rift. Either change the switch option or get rid of this check altogether if you’re not developing for PSVR.

@mrgreen72 Thanks for the reply. You’re right that the getHmdDevice name results in another outcome in 4.17.0. I just tested in the official 4.17.0 and made the changes and it seems to work again as expected.

yeah I got this issue as well and narrowed it down to the template in 4.17- it needs to be updated by Epic

thanks for the workaround, I’ll try that when I get home from work