VR heatmap and charts of position tracking

Hi guys,
I have to do some research about my VR application. I have to generate heatmap to highlight the positions(objects) the users look at the most. I need to create also charts of VR user head rotation is it possible to generate such information in unreal?

You can easily get the world position and rotation of the headset and store that off every frame. Determining if the user “looks at” and object may be tricky depending on what you mean. But you could just see if objects are in the FOV and raycast to see they aren’t obscured then mark them as “seen”.

From that you will get a ton of data you will need to visualize. In the past, we have plotted a playthrough in editor with the timeline you can scrub seeing the orientation and highlighting other info. It was a lot of editor tool infrastructure to write but was really cool. It wrote that out to a SQL backend so you could bring up any play that people did.