VR Hands not tracking position

I imported the VR assets into the thirdpersonexample template where I had set up all my asset and interaction blueprints already (tested and working with 3rd person pawn).
When I run the level in VR, I notice that the head is tracking, and the grips are animating the hand opening and closing (after manually adding the GripLeft/GripRight inputs to the scene) BUT the hands are stuck down and behind me in a static position (i suspect this is their first res position but they aren’t attaching to the motion controllers correctly)

Any ideas much appreciated - using 4.19 Preview and Oculus Rift CV1

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I think what you are seeing is a bug with the implementation of the new MotionSource node.

Try updating your BP_MotionController Construction script (see image)

I’m having the same issue. By implementing these nodes I get control of the right hand only. Left hand still will not track.

Thanks for the info Alex - sorry for the late response as I didn’t know my message got approved until now (1st post).
I went to a totally blank new template and just put a cube on the motioncontroller - it’s all working well. If I come up against this again I’ll be sure to try your solution.