VR Gun ToolKit

The Pack is now ready for everyone to grab at: VR Gun ToolKit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

The VRGunToolKit is designed to be a fast and scalable way to create weapons for VR that you can physically interact with.
The toolkit is accessible and easy to read, the entire code is fully commented and provided with documentation on each function, variable, an in-editor tutorial, as well as videos showing how to setup the guns for the toolkit.

The system allows the users to customize and interact with multiple parts of the weapon, for example :

  • Hold items (guns, bullets, magazines)
  • Pull the slider back with your hand
  • Load magazines in and out
  • Pump a shotgun
  • Hold the weapon with two hands
  • Manually add bullets inside magazines
  • Pull the hammer or the trigger.
    From easy to complex weapons, you can use the code for an arcade game or in a realistic simulation, of any genre.
    Fully customizable, the user can set up the gun meshes, sounds (slider, magazine, firing sounds, reload, bullet impact depending of surface type, and physical drop/collision sound module), effects (decals, particle effects), number of bullets per magazine, firing type (single action, double action, full auto), slider behavior and many others, making the system work out of the box with most common firearms, and easily scaling to fit more specific needs.

Technical Details: Number of Blueprints: 35

List of Features:
The entire toolkit is made entirely with Blueprints, we provide:

  • 2 example characters: a standard actor and an arcade character that always has weapons available on his hips.
  • 5 types of firearms ready to use ready to use: Colt 1911, AK47, Shotgun, “Space gun”, and an arcade version of the 1911
  • Several sounds for each gun action
  • Physical impact sound module
  • Example targets (dummy, destructible objects and targets)
  • 2 Levels for testing : Desert shooting range and Demo room showcasing all functionality of the kit.

**Video of features : **

**Engine Compatibility: **4.14 - 4.15
Intended Platform: Windows - HTC Vive
Platforms Tested: HTC Vive

Hope everyone will like it, please post any questions, we are happy to help anyone using the system!

**Support: **support@vr-prime.com - We are also on twitter : https://twitter.com/VR_Prime_UE4

Thank you,

VrPrime team

Look Awesome !! :smiley: can’t wait to test !

What a well put together and thought out pack :slight_smile:

I’ll defiantly be picking this up once I own a consumer-grade VR headset (currently only have Oculus DK1 and DK2).

Hell I might even pick it up sooner to not only support the dev but to do a deep dive into the weapon rigging and blueprints :slight_smile:

@Xeno, @benjamin.smith Thank you for the support! We are going live in a couple hours, excited to finally have this out in the wild.

We will be looking forward for everyone’s feedback and to give prompt support.

This is going to be an ongoing toolkit and we will be adding a lot more features as time goes on so stay tuned and let us know what you want to see implemented next!

VrPrime team

Need help with the VR Gun Tool Kit ?

We will be glad to assist you !! :smiley:

Shoot us a mail at [EMAIL=“support@vr-prime.com”]support@vr-prime.com - we are also on twitter : https://twitter.com/VR_Prime_UE4

Happy coding !
VrPrime team

New version of the toolkit released!

We are now supporting Oculus touch!

  • We’ve added support for the oculus touch along with all the necessary changes to make it a comfortable usage experience.
  • We have reworked the teleport mechanics on oculus to support directional teleport (for everyone using seated setup)
  • Added new tutorials for the Oculus input on the desert map

Changes to the weapons
Added a new variable to the guns, the 2nd hand grab offset! With this you can offset the 2nd hand grab position to better accommodate the handle position of your gun!

Added a new “sticky” variable to the hands
Toggling it off means you need to continuously grab the grip button to hold the weapon

Other changes

  • Fixed smaller issues/bugs that were giving errors on play
  • Fixed scale issues on spawned bullets when you change the weapon root scale
  • Fixed the desert scene nav mesh to allow you to teleport closer to the tables
  • Fixed an issue that caused single fire weapons to eject non-fired bullets even if they were fired, allowing you to keep firing the same bullet repeatedly. (Eg. Shotgun)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 2 handed weapons to have too much sensitivity on the roll axis
  • Fixed a bug that caused the arcade weapon magazine to attach to another weapon
  • Improved the haptic feedback to support simultaneous vibration on both controllers

Great job on the pack so far! I wanted to run by this error that I am getting in the editor and get your thoughts on it:

Hi @VRPrime,

I have a problem with your pack. I migrate all the content on a project on UE4 4.15 Nvidia VRWork version. All work fine but when i put a magazine nothing happen. The magazine don’t snap on weapon. Any errors message. Do you have an idea ?


Thank you, regarding that error, can you check that you have the latest version of the toolkit? We released a new version yesterday with the new oculus support, but also with a lot of smaller fixes, that error is supposed to be fixed on the latest, can you check if in the launcher the toolkit has an update?

Regarding the migration process, we are using a custom collision profile for the magazine, when you migrate the project to another, you need to also copy (or add to your existing) the “DefaultEngine.ini” in the config file, can you check you have that in your other project?

All works, Thanks !

I do not have an upgrade notification on my launcher where would I find the version number to check that I have the latest one?

On the project settings, the first page is project description, you have “Project Version” and it should be “1.4”, you can also tell it’s the new version by the project thumbnail, if it has an oculus touch controller then you are currently using the latest version. Let me know which version you are running.

So I am using the correct version 1.4 and still getting the error FYI… Thanks

Hi, thank you for the notice, we have tracked the issue, it’s in fact still happening on the latest version. The warning does not influence the gameplay but we’ve cleared it out and the fix will be available in the next build that is coming up with extra functionality that we are adding in the kit.

Thanks again for the report, feel free to post any issues you encounter or anything that we can help with :slight_smile:

Is there any chance that you can remove all the unneeded content in this such as the desert demo level? It is nice to have content with it, but the size (and shader compiling times) are quite annoying when I just want to quickly fool around.

Hi Shirk, we’re working on our next update which will have the desert map as a starting map replaced with a map selector (we’re going to have some different showcase maps with highlights of the new features). This and some optimization of the desert scene size should fix the issue you are having with the compile times.
Thank you for the feedback, I hope you find the toolkit useful, let us know if you need any help

Is there a tutorial how to add zombie enemy / ai to the set?

Hi PXDN, there is currently no AI included in the toolkit, but it’s easy to integrate any type of AI on it, the only modification should be that you need to add a damage function to the bullets when they hit the AI.
I recommend this tutorial by Peter Newton, it’s a good start for creating your own AI:

Great. Could you please show me quick how to add a damage function to the bullets?

The Bullets already have a damage function:

And you can tweak the damage each bullet does with the “Damage Variable”

On the actor that gets hit (for example a Bot) you need to add the “Any Damage” node: