VR gun position defers

while playing in VR left right and left side of screen doesn’t match !

what to do???

please refer following screen shot!

It srems fine. What is the problem? In VR the cameras should be different.

NoobsDeSroobs is right. If you refer to the rendered image for right eye and left eye it must differ. That´s how you see 3D. How does it look when you put the headset on?

Spare on panctuation marks, they get rare these days.

okay i’m new in vr so didn’t know that …now i get it thanks (:

For those who might have similar confusions, here is how depth works:


The larger the difference between the two images that our eyes see, the closer the item appears. In VR we do the same by rendering twice, once to each camera that represents our eyes. Since they are not in the same location we get the same effect as you can see in the image above and thus we see it as 3D.

I hope this helps you get the basic understanding of how VR works with stereoscopic(2 eyes) displays.

Thank you very much (: it helps lot !