VR guided tour animated rotation?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a guided VR tour.
I’m using a system of an matinee animated object and the ‘Set Control Rotation’ node to position and rotate the player.
This works perfectly in the ‘normal’ play mode, but when I use the Oculus the rotation isn’t animated anymore.

Does anyone know how to animate the body rotation, while keeping head rotation?
So for example: The player sits in a rollercoaster and is oriented to the direction of travel, but can still look around.


I’ve found the solution if anybody runs into the same problem.

There is an article on the unrealwiki; ‘Oculus Rift Separate View’ that gives you a number of steps to follow.

You can also just get a ‘get player camara manager’ node in the EventGraph, and drag out a ‘Follow Hmd Orientation’ from that.
Setting this to true has the same effect as following all the steps in the article, and enables you to look around with the Rift while being animated by matinee.

Hey guys I have a video on how to separate the view for the 3rd person camera but once you do this it can bascially be a first person camera by just moving the camera and I show how to do that as well:

From my experience, taking control of the camera rotation makes people nauseous more than anything else. Just something to think about.

I thought so too but none of the people that tried got nauseous yet. My movements are very slow and steady with ease-in ease-out.
It seams to be worth a try if you’re not sure it’s going to work, I found a lot has to do with your environment and the way things move.
My environment only has some object moving around and there is no ground, so maybe it’s less noticeable that the player is actually rotating.