VR Grenade Throw

I am working with the VR template and was trying to figure out how to throw an object and have it blow up (play a particle emitter, then destroy itself). I have a grenade and the accompanying explosion and sound. Is there any tutorials that could help with picking up an object and after thrown it explodes.

Firing up UE4 to try this out. I am new to UE, but have been making some strides from grueling hours of trial and error, tutorials, documentation and heroes like you.

Thanks…this is how I did it with your help @Ninjin

Close. I see you want a grenade with a timer. I wouldn’t recommend using a dispatcher for this task. You can just make a Custom Event and call it instead of that Bind Event stuff you are doing. You probably also want to destroy the whole actor instead of only the Static Mesh Component. Some people also would recommend adding a Particle Component and only activating it after the time has passed. If you have trouble following, you can post another Screenshot. <3

I’m surprised I even did that… could you draw on top of my screenshot what route you would take?

If you really just want to throw a grenade, I have no idea how you came up with using an Event Dispatcher and I recommend checking out the differences between Makros Functions, Events, Event Dispatcher. These are basics and you really need to make sure to have a solid understanding of them. After that you can also watch ZakParrishAwesomeStreamAboutBlueprintCommunication.