VR footsteps blueprint?

Hey! So I’m fairly new to UE4, and for work I’ve been doing sound programming for a VR game. We want to add in footsteps to play as the character moves.

I’ve been trying to program in footsteps the past few days, but I’m having no luck. Any tutorial I can find is for the third-person template, which I can’t use as there’s no mesh for VR.

Does anyone know of any blueprints I can use for adding footsteps (preferably without needing to use a mesh)? Thanks in advance!

I found a blueprint for footsteps that sort of works using [this video][1]. I had to make some changes but I’m running into two problems:

  1. If I attach the branch to the Set Distance variable at True, it breaks the code and the footsteps won’t play.

Now, I can fix this error by attaching the False node to the Set Distance variable, however this causes the footsteps to play all at once instead of one at a time.

I tried adding a Delay in the hopes of spacing out the sounds, but this did not fix the error. What would cause these errors to occur and is there any way I can fix them?

Also, I modified the motion controls using [this tutorial][4], would that cause any errors with my sound blueprint?


I don’t think that using “Get Component Velocity” will work for this. (unless you’re just walking straight down one axis, and never turning)

Since you said you’re new - one helpful thing to do would be hook up a “print string” node in your tick execution, and piping in the variables you want to watch.

Try doing this with the “Distance” variable and make sure everything is working (Distance increases to StepDistance then resets(Make sure you’re setting a default value in StepDistance!))

as a side note - this may be a cleaner way to set up your footstep sounds

Thanks for answering! I think I’ll try setting up the footsteps as shown in the video you linked. Seems it’ll be easier to code. Thanks again.