VR Failed to load map crash, Resolve.

Hello, I had a problem, and I solved it, so I put my problem for those with the same problem, have a solution.

When I import assets into my scene, the VR headset is blurred, so I read on the forums that unreal automatically lowered the quality of the headset for performance reasons, so I applied the command in my level blueprint " r.ScreenPercentage 275 "so as to increase the resolution in the headset, and it works.

The trouble comes when I restart the project, it loads correctly and before opening the editor, an error message would appear: "Failed to load map, (ScenePath) is a UE4 map [File: v514], from an engine release newer than this [Cur: v513]

I specify that the project has not been upgraded, when I try to open it in higher version, it warns me although my project is in version 4.16. When the project opens the scene has disappeared, and is named untilted, so I upgrade the project in 4.18 and the problem does not reproduce for the moment.

Thank you for being understanding, this is my first post on the forum, and my English is not easy.