VR External UI/Widget

Hi, this question is primarily out of curiosity.
Is it possible in Unreal to create a VR environment, but also have another screen that would (only) show a widget?

The basic idea is, a person who has the headset on can look around a room or a level.
But another person, on the computer, can have a simple UI widget that maybe shows a top down map of the level… And have the ability, for example. to turn on lights and such.

I actually don’t have the hardware yet to test this. But in reading around the hub, UE4 will mirror what the VR sees.
The closest I found is to probably use the VR spectator in the upcoming 4.17 release, then maybe add the widget just to the spectator’s screen.

did you solved this?

The VR Spectator screen might be useful to look at:

how can I interact with texture (UI) in spectator screen? Virtual Reality Spectator Screen Unreal Engine - Google Chrome (654 kb) закачан 22 сентября 2017 г. Joxi

Unfortunately I was only at the stage of brainstorming ideas and possible usage scenarios for VR. In the near future as I proceed and invest in this tech, I’ll definitely look back into this kind of setup