VR Expansion Plugin


I´m new to Unreal and developing and wonder how to actually accsess the VR Expansion Plugin inside the editor.
I managed to download and install it, and its also enabled inside the editor under plugins though.

But can someone please give me a brief tutorial on how to actually work with it? I cant find the corresponding blueprints like the controller module(?) or any other way to use it with the VR Template from Unreal…

And this tutorial from the developer of that plugin starts right after the step im missing…

Thanks in advance!


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Answer from Eleathyra on

"Hi Dave,

Have you downloaded the VR Expansion Plugin example level? If not, I would strongly suggest to do so.

The plugin is brilliant in some ways, but personally I found it hard to start using it because of the nature of the documentation, and the very small number of actual tutorials and how-tos. So the example level is perfect for examining the shown solutions, and learning from them."


"Hi, thanks for your reply!

Yes, i did download it, but i only got an executable of that level. So i couldnt really examine anything but the final outcome… I recently managed to get everything kinda running and figured out how to access all the compenents though. I needed to also download the Open VR plugin, that gave me the components. So now i can try to go through the tutorial from above.

Do you know where i can actually get the UE project file of the example lvl?

Best, Dave"

The example template is in its own repository, linked right below the bare bones plugin itself.

You can also ask questions in the plugins thread by the way, I get notified when someone posts in there, but missed this one.

Thanks for the reply!
It made sense to me to open a new thread since it is a very basic question(s).
But yea, i will likely post future questions to the related thread.
Keep up the good work!