VR Expansion Plugin VRCharacter issue.

I’m very new to unreal engine but I’ve been working with the VR template a lot. I’m starting to understand blueprints more and more everyday, but I had an issue where if I were to add thumb stick locomotion I could easily go through walls. I tried with a collision capsule but with room scale it doesn’t really work. So VR_Marco told me in the youtube comments to try this plug in. So after 4 hours of me not know how to do this I finally got it to work. I added the VR Character and for a while it was fine but then all the sudden my camera dropped below the floor and no matter what I do I can’t fix it. I tried restarting the program, then my computer, then I tried redoing my Oculus tracking and still had the same issue. I’ve had so much frustration with this plug in but the creator told me that this isn’t for beginners so I shouldn’t really be tackling it. And while that’s true, it has the room scale collisions which is what I need for my project.

I know the plugin is a work in progress but I was just wondering if there’s any ideas. I’m in 4.22

I tried to give photos of what I’m talking about but I can’t really do it while in VR.

Also if anyone knows how to make the controllers be able to grab stuff let me know I’m struggling trying to figure that out.

Set tracking level to floor, its likely at eye level when you are “in the ground”, and although this is a engine question in the end and not really related to the plugin, you can ask questions in the plugins actual thread.