VR Expansion Plug in AttemptToGripFromTrace issue

Alright so I’ve been following the tutorials on the website and I ran into an issue. I’m not exactly sure why though. It all compiles correctly but I still can’t grab anything.

Any help would be amazing. I’m learning everything very slowly and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like you aren’t passing the hand in to the function? It is saying that the variable that you are attempting to use is invalid (empty).

ok so I think I got it to work and there are no more errors except that i still can’t pick anything up. For some reason nothing really happens.

The “HandGripping” variable is empty when the function is called, you didn’t pass in the hand (grip motion controller) trying to perform the action.

alright cool so I fixed that issue here

but I am still unable to grip something. I have a gun mesh that I have with a socket that is prefixed and everything from what I learned from your tutorial and still nothing really happens. Any clues?

You don’t need a local variable in that function, the input pin itself is a local variable and can be called inside the function like one. You can delete your Hand Gripping local var and it should still function.

As for why it is failing, you’ll have to step through and see if your trace is hitting or what else could be going wrong. If trying to grip by interface then your gun mesh will need to be a GrippableStaticMeshActor.

my mesh that I am gripping is a skeletal mesh with sockets. I’m using this code that I found on your tutorial online.

Do you think there is an issue here? There is a socket in the gun skeletal mesh.

Also thanks so much for answering me I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out here. I love your plugin even though I’m very new to it.

Yes, but you are using “Grip By Interface”, which means that you need to use an interfaced object. IE: your gun needs to be part of either a GrippableStaticMeshActor or a GrippableStaticMeshComponent.

oh so it can’t just be an actor or something like that it needs to be a GrippableStaticMeshComponent? Alright then I’ll give it a go when I get home. Thanks so much for the advice and help!

It can be, but you have to switch to GripObject, not the interface version. I note that in the tutorial.

You may want to ask me questions in discord or PM from now on though, I don’t like spamming the forums.

Oh theres a discord? I’m sorry where can I go for that. That may be easier for the both of us.

I’ll pm you my id